• Stephen Gonzalez

How to Buy Car Insurance

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

If you have a car, you probably also have car insurance. Most U.S. states require drivers to carry a minimum amount of insurance, and even in the two states where car insurance isn’t required by law, drivers still have to pay for any damage they cause, so having car insurance is still essential.

But buying car insurance can feel overwhelming, whether you’re doing it for the first time or the tenth time. If you’re not sure where to start, here are the steps to buying and choosing car insurance coverage:

  1. Decide how you want to buy car insurance.

  2. Determine how much car insurance coverage you need

  3. Fill out an application for car insurance quotes

  4. Get your quotes

  5. Compare your car insurance quotes

  6. Pick a car insurance company and get insured

  7. Cancel your old car insurance policy

Don’t worry, that may seem like many steps, but buying car insurance is actually a pretty straightforward process, and you can probably complete the whole process in an afternoon. Let’s break down what’s involved in all of the steps to getting coverage.

Decide how you want to buy car insurance.

There are two ways to buy car insurance, directly from an insurance company or through an independent insurance broker like Insure Quality.

If you already have homeowners' or renters' insurance, it may make sense to purchase your new car insurance policy through the same company. You’ll usually get a discount for bundling multiple types of coverage.

If you already have an auto policy and want to add a new car to your existing coverage, that’s usually simple as well. The only downside to going with your current insurer is that you miss out on shopping around, and you might not get the best possible rates.

You can shop around by getting quotes from several insurance brokers, but this involves much legwork (not to mention many emails — each company will email you a quote). You can do the comparisons on your own this way, but it can take a while to go through the quote process with every carrier separately.

Buying car insurance through an independent insurance broker like Insure Quality can streamline the process. You can fill out one application and get multiple quotes, and then you’ll have an expert guiding you through the process.

Since brokers work with several insurance companies, they can ensure you get the best coverage and the best deal. If you already have homeowners' or renters' policies or are planning to combine policies, a broker can offer you the same bundled savings as a carrier would.